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Working Drawings

Working Drawing

Our working drawings, also known as construction drawings or building plans, are a complete set of 2D plans that include detailed documentation, which is used as a guide for the building permit application and act as construction working documents of the building.

The drawings consist of plans, elevations, sections, and details, augmented with information for that specific project.

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As a result of COVID-19, the Federal and Local Governments announced the HomeBuilder grant that was aimed squarely at keeping the building industry thriving.

The Government announced thousands of dollars in grants back to the client if they undertook a new build or renovation, it created an unprecedented surge of interest, in WA, the likes of which had never been seen before. All other upwards trends in the past were foreseen or predicted, which allowed builders, suppliers and trades to be prepared. But this was different of course, the grant created so much interest that the top builders in WA were selling homes like they had never sold before, and the sales just kept coming.

There were certain criteria that had to be met to qualify for certain aspects of the grants, this included, but not limited to the contract to be signed by all parties by December 31st.

This is where VNIX was called into action by the local builders. Our work force was able to ramp up, within weeks, to cater for the hundreds of jobs a month that were required to be drawn, in order to get the contract documents ready for signing prior to the Christmas Holidays.

There could be no extensions, or any works carried over into the new year. Our team was able to swing into action and fulfill the demands that our large volume clients needed, along with keeping the high quality and attention to detail they have come to expect. All requests from the local builders and all their deadlines were met.