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Sales Sketch

Sales Sketching

Our 2D Sketch Plan and Sketch Elevation is designed to be presented to bring your clients ideas to life and allows for further discussion, to improve initial concept sketches.

The plans help to prepare drafted preliminary plans and elevations for review. As the client works through the design in more detail, our sketches allow for modifications to ensure all the clients individual requirements are met.

Western Australia based builder
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  • Sales Sketch

During a recent upturn in the market, a large volume West Australian based builder found they required assistance with their sales sketches.

VNIX is fully aware of lost time in getting back to a client after the initial contact made by their sales team and is the difference between winning or losing a sale.

With the sudden upturn in the market, the clients drafting team was not able to keep up with the influx of sales sketches, whilst still producing working drawings and other aspects of the drawing process. With the local industry in a similar situation, it meant that hiring new staff was not an option.

This is where they reached out to VNIX for assistance. In this instance, the client is already engaging us to complete working drawings, so it was a simple task for the VNIX drafters allocated to the client, to complete some sales sketches between completing working drawings.

Once again, the experience of the VNIX drafters shone through and assisted with fast and accurate sales sketches that the client then converted into sales.

This service is not only designed for existing clients of VNIX. If you require a fast and accurate sales sketch to be produced that allows your current drafting team to focus on their existing workloads, this is an option we can offer.