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Quantity Surveys

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying, also known as ‘QS’, calculates the quantity of materials needed for a build. These can include the total volume of concrete needed, total weight of framing, amount of roof covering or bricks required and much more. Our highly skilled quantity surveyors and schedulers are used to avoid expensive “cost over runs” and delays to your build, by producing an accurate quants pad of the materials needed for your projects.

We leverage on BIM tools when determining quantities and measurements to ensure correct & consistent information, our quantity survey is one of the first in Australia to leverage on BIM tools. This guarantees efficient workflow throughout your project and provides accurate information on the costs involved in your project. Using BIM ensures precise information; changes and new measurements are updated into the schedules based on model changes, ensuring efficient workflow through the life cycle of a project.

Western Australia Based Builder
Services Utilised
  • 3D Renders
  • Working Drawings
  • Base Model Masters

As a result of COVID-19, the Federal and Local Governments announced the HomeBuilder grant that was aimed squarely at keeping the building industry thriving.

The Government announced thousands of dollars in grants back to the client if they undertook a new build or renovation, it created an unprecedented surge of interest, in WA, the likes of which had never been seen before. All other upwards trends in the past were foreseen or predicted, which allowed builders, suppliers and trades to be prepared. But this was different of course, the grant created so much interest that the top builders in WA were selling homes like they had never sold before, and the sales just kept coming.

There were certain criteria that had to be met to qualify for certain aspects of the grants, this included, but not limited to the contract to be signed by all parties by December 31st.

This is where VNIX was called into action by the local builders. Our work force was able to ramp up, within weeks, to cater for the hundreds of jobs a month that were required to be drawn, in order to get the contract documents ready for signing prior to the Christmas Holidays.

Once the working drawings had been created and all building contracts were signed, the next criteria that had to be met to fulfill the HomeBuilder grants requirements, was to get the jobs to site.

As the production of working or contract drawings increased, the builders were faced with bottlenecks being created within other departments, as the jobs progressed through their system.

A key strategic area where VNIX assisted is the scheduling/quantity survey. With the ability to quickly learn individual clients’ quants pads and requirements, VNIX was able to adapt and step up to the demands that were placed upon us by our clients.

This was where our unique “per seat model” was proven to be most effective. VNIX was able to quickly source skilled staff that were already well-versed in Australian construction. With this staff member solely dedicated to our client, the clients own team was bolstered to a point where the sudden increase in work load was managed.