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Per Seat Model

Per Seat Model

The Per Seat Model, being our most unique service, is specially designed to provide one point of contact for your projects.

VNIX will allocate one of our staff to work specifically with your team, creating a seamless process with a deeper understanding of your specific requirements.

Large Scale Australian Builder
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VNIX fully understands that securing reliable, efficient and cost-effective staff can sometimes be hard to find.

A large volume builder recently reached out to us to secure exactly that, a staff member that they can call their own and utilise to best complete their current workload.

With a sudden increase in workload across the entire industry, finding the right staff member was proving to be difficult. This is where VNIX was able to fill the gap. VNIX was able to recruit a suitable candidate and provide the client with a staff member they work with as if they were part of their own team.

The VNIX staff member already had a good understanding of local Australian building practices and it wasn’t long until the finer points of the client quants pad and take off requirements were learnt. Online training sessions were incorporated into the clients’ weekly meetings and it soon became apparent that the VNIX staff member was part of the builders team.

With this type of contract, the VNIX staff member can be utilised by the client wherever they are needed. They are a dedicated staff member that works solely on a single clients’ work. They are loyal and as time passes, will learn exactly what it takes to be an expert in that builders product.