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Our drafting services include everything builders and clients need to ensure the pre-construction process runs smoothly. These services include base model masters, sales sketches and working drawings.

Base model masters are drawings of an advertised house that help to sell the home. They are a starting point that clients make changes to, after speaking with a salesperson. We draw these masters for builders to present as possible building options to their clients.

As the builder’s library of base models increases, they also sometimes require bulk updates. Bulk updates could be needed when there is a spec change or changes in building codes and this is something we offer our clients.

Our 2D Sketch Plan and Sketch Elevation is designed to be presented to bring your clients ideas to life and allows for further discussion, to improve initial concept sketches.

The plans help to prepare drafted preliminary plans and elevations for review. As the client works through the design in more detail, our sketches allow for modifications to ensure all the clients individual requirements are met.

Our working drawings, also known as construction drawings or building plans, are a complete set of 2D plans that include detailed documentation, which is used as a guide for the building permit application and act as construction working documents of the building.

The drawings consist of plans, elevations, sections, and details, augmented with information for that specific project.

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  • Base Model Masters

Working with large organisations and high-volume builders, VNIX fully understands the needs and requirements that are associated with getting work through the system in a quick and accurate manner. This was evident when one of our clients reached out and requested assistance with their base model program.

Already having two dedicated drafters allocated to them under our “per seat model,” the client was in need of additional drafting support that didn’t impact on their existing output of the drafting team.

With this in mind, VNIX was able to assist by providing additional manpower at short notice, enabling the client to upload their new product and in turn, the sketches were converted into new masters, ready to advertise their new product.

Relying on the expertise of the VNIX team, the client was able to maintain their current workload capacity, whilst developing new a product, without impacting any other workflow, thus increasing profit and efficiency.


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