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DA Planning

DA Planning

We obtain developer approval to simplify the pre-construction process. Our 2D plans incorporate changes based on the councils’ and developers’ requirements, this saves our clients’ time and ensures mistakes are not made.

Our skilled team are experienced in different council and developer requirements and our architectural drawings meet technical, industry and building code standards.


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Services Utilised
  • Final Selection
  • DA Planning

Whilst VNIX has many large and high-volume builders as clients, we are no stranger to the smaller individual builders and designers within the country. A recent phone call saw us completing work for a designer that completes bespoke work on a smaller scale.

This particular client, reached out to VNIX with a view to convert their designs to a drawing that can be submitted to council for initial approval. Once the design has been discussed, refined and approved by the relevant parties, the designer engaged VNIX to take the sketch to the next level. This is where a planning drawing is produced, ready for submission to the local council.

Where our client is predominantly a design service, engaging VNIX allows them to focus on the work they are best set up to do, knowing that they have full confidence in the VNIX team, producing the next phase of their design.

Planning drawings are just part of many aspects of a potential build. VNIX is well set up to complete a high volume of planning drawings for any builder that requires this service. If you experience a sudden influx of work or require your current team to focus on other areas of drafting, such as working drawings, then VNIX can be of assistance. Even if you are a builder without a drafting team, VNIX is able to complete all aspects of your drafting requirements, including final selections.