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BIMx Hyper Model

BIMx Hyper Modeling

The BIMx model known as a “Hyper-model” (file format .bimx) is a professional Building Information Modeling (BIM) project viewer featuring BIMx Hyper-model, a unique technology for integrated 2D & 3D building project navigation. Those looking at the program are able to walk through the model and apply measurements in real-time.

Our BIMx Hyper-Model allows you to visualise your project in 3D and in real-time. See accurate, interactive models of your design from the ease of your smart device or computer. Our BIMx modelling ensures accuracy and gives clients a full view of their project before its completion.

Key features of BIMx:
– explore the building model
– a game-like navigation tool
– real-time model cut-throughs
– measuring & markups for specific client feedback
– paperless
– easy access & sharing
– runs on any mobile device without special hardware

Large scale Australian builder based in Victoria
Services Utilised
  • BIMx Hyper Model
  • 3D Renders

When this client came to us, they were looking for a company that could deliver a wide variety of 3D renders. With timing being key, VNIX were on a strict deadline for the project to be completed, due to the release of the advertising material for the client’s development.

VNIX was able to meet the client requirements for both deadlines and quality, by producing individual façade colour renderings, full street scapes and a hero shot. The client provided a photograph of the surrounding area and the development was superimposed over it, producing a realistic image of the finished development.

Our impressive, photorealistic renders are what set us apart from our competitors, the client’s customers are able to purchase these homes far before their completion but have the comfort of knowing exactly how their future home and future street will look.

All of the clients’ requirements were met and the whole project that lasted for over a month was delivered on time. The client was extremely impressed with our work and has opted to use us for many render projects going forward. With the use of these marketing materials, they have been able to promote the project and have begun selling.