Our Story

About Us

VNIX have spent over 16 years partnering with Australian high volume builders. Leveraging on Building Information Modeling (BIM), architectural and construction companies can now outsource their drafting and design work efficiently, enabling them to focus on their core business. With BIM, the efficiency of the conventional 2D CAD drafting is greatly improved. It enables us to produce high quality and accurate 3D models that can be translated into design, presentation and construction drawings with quick turn around times. With some of our clients producing more than 10,000 houses per year, we’ve afforded over a decade of experience in fine-tuning our production to cater to large volumes of work. The result is a winning combination of high outputs and low turnaround times, which puts us ahead of others.

At VNIX, we provide our clients a seamless service, one in which there is no question as to where or how the work is done, because our deliverables will always be the same.

With a team of 200+, we are best sized and placed to provide a vast array of architectural services, from the homeowners right through to high-end project builders. We produce around 5,000 two-storey and single-storey houses for projects around Australia yearly. Our reputation precedes us, as being very affordable and providing high quality deliverables.

VNIX philosophy is centred on our clients – their needs, budgets, schedules and ultimately their success. At VNIX, we’ve built our business on solving our clients problems in the most efficient way possible. Our mission is to continue to partner with Australian building companies to deliver fast, efficient and affordable pre-construction services.

“With a highly competitive 24-hour turnaround for sales sketches and 3-day turnaround for working drawings, we know our client’s needs and we do not fail to deliver.”