Our Services

Let us help you reduce overhead pressures and any pain points that may arise from the pre-construction process.

2D Brochures/3D Renders

Illustrated in 2D Floor Plans & Elevation for marketing tools. It shows a schematic concept design proposal that includes furniture and fixtures as well as incorporating all space requirements to meet client’s expectations.

Preliminary Plans/Sales Sketch

A 2D Sketch Plan & Sketch Elevation that is presented to the client for further discussion to improve initial concept sketches and prepare drafted preliminary plans and elevations for review. There is some opportunity for modifications and improvements as the client works through the design in the more detail such as windows, doors and room sizes.

DA/Planning Documentation

2D Plans that incorporate changes and over everything that the council’s Planning and Developer requires.

BP/Working Drawings

Complete set of 2D plans that include detailed documentation, which is used as a guide for the building permit application, and act as construction working documents of the building.

Standard Models

Complete set of plans that include all standard specifications that showcase a different promotion.

BIMx Hyper-Model

The BIMx model know as a “Hyper-model” (file format .bimx) is a professional Building Information Modeling (BIM) project viewer featuring BIMx Hyper-model, a unique technology for integrated 2D & 3D building project navigation. The 2D drawing sheets of a BIMx Hyper-model can only be opened with ehtier the Free BIMx version or upgrade to in-app paid BIMx PRO vesion.


With Vnix Studio , you get a powerful and impressive presentation and marketing materials at a very reasonable cost.

Providing cost-effective project virtualisation materials in diverse industries ranging from Consulting and Construction, Infrastructure and Architectural. If you need a still rendering, Vnix delivers excellent service and quality visuals ensuring your project objectives are achieved.

Quantity Survey

Vnix Quantity Survey is one of the first in Australia to leverage BIM tools in the collection of quantities and measurements for consistent information. Using BIM ensures precise information; changes and new measurements are updated into the schedules based on model changes, guaranteeing efficient workflow through the life cycle of a project.

Residential Engineering

Vnix can provide you structural engineering design and documentation for your residential project quickly, while ensuring cost effective outcomes. We provide:

  • Footings, Foundations and Ground Slabs
  • Piling Details
  • Retaining and Screen Wall Design and Certification
  • Suspended Floor Systems
  • Roof Systems
  • Outbuildings, Garages, Patios and Gazebos
  • Swimming Pools
  • Framing Designs